Workplace yoga is the skilful application of the principles and practices of yoga to improve performance in a workplace or office setting. It utilizes a flexible array of yoga postures, breath-work,  and meditation to reduce stress, relieve pain, and improve well-being. Workplace yoga is about transforming the health and wellness of organizations so they can be happier, healthier, and more productive.

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What is Workplace Yoga?


What I Do:

I Design workplace appropriate instruction that is:

  1. Accessible for all levels, ages, and body types

2.   Adaptable to the workplace environment (no need for a yoga mat or a change of clothes and can take place in a lunch room, conference room, or office), and

3.   In line with the goals of your organization (reduce stress,          increase focus and productivity, decrease employee                 injuries and sick leave, team-building, creativity, and                 overall physical and mental wellness in the workplace). 

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  • Morning mindfulness for focus

  • Post-work pick-me-up for energy and stress relief

  • Afternoon recharge- yoga for focus, energy, and stress-relief

  • Conferences and health fairs 

  • Wellness retreats


What Will I Provide?

What Will I Provide?

  • intake form

  • waiver form

  • contract 

  • promotional materials 

  • evaluation forms

  • beginners guide to yoga

  • attendance sheet

  • liability insurance

  • instruction tailored to students' needs and ability and in line with the objectives and goals of the organization. 

What YOU Provide:

  • Chairs

  • Lunch or conference room, or office space for classes

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What Will Classes Look Like?

  • ​Seated postures for relaxation, standing postures for energy, and balancing postures for focus.

  • Poses to relieve discomfort, mobilize, and protect shoulders, hips, wrists, neck, and back.

  • Mindfulness and breathing meditation for focus, energy, and stress relief.