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What is "Jubilant" and why "Frog"?

I wanted a name that represented me and the qualities that I bring to my clients. Something quirky and fun that would make them feel giddy, playful, and uninhibited. Something welcoming and almost child-like. I think the name brings about those emotions. The word jubilant can mean a few things but to me, it means "triumphant" and "ecstatic". This is how I want my students to feel: empowered and gleeful. Frogs hold a lot of symbolic meaning to me, personally but I think that, generally, people see frogs as pretty chill little creatures. I consider myself to be quite frog-like. I am long and leggy, need to be near water and greenery, green is my favorite color, and I love to climb trees.

Frogs have in some way, shape, or form acted as a safe-haven for me during trying times. If you believe in that sort of thing, I would call them my spirit animal. When I was young, I was very afraid of the dark and sleeping alone at night, the tree frogs chirping outside acted as a form of security for me. As long as they were chirping, I knew things were okay (no monsters creeping outside). Similarly, when studying for the bar examination, I used to sit by the frog pond at Roger Williams University and it acted as a place of solace, where I could recharge and be reminded that there was more to life than contract law and trusts and estates. In yoga, Frog pose was by far my most challenging pose. Not only physically uncomfortable but a very vulnerable pose as well. It is still one of the most challenging and, also, one of the most beneficial (both physically and emotionally) poses that I practice and teach. Frog pose taught me how to balance my strong will, ambition, and resilience (which used to cause me stress, anxiety, and constant dissatisfaction) with ease and a sense of contentment. I used to think contentment was a dirty word, like giving up. Contentment meant you were no longer growing or striving for more. But yoga has taught me that you can find satisfaction with, contentment in, and gratitude for what you currently have and who you currently are while you develop and advance. In fact, finding a sense of satisfaction in your present state can assist you in your growth. Frogs don’t look at their habitat and complain that it is not good enough, they adjust to their circumstances and they THRIVE, they adapt.