The Jubilant Frog brings mental and physical wellness programs to working professionals at their workplace 

I am an Assistant Public Defender in the Appellate Division in Providence, RI. The Batman to my Bruce Wayne is "The Jubilant Frog."  I am a self-appointed theatre geek and granola yogi.  

I have been practicing yoga for 11 years and was certified through North East Power Yoga during the summer between my 2L and 3L year at Roger Williams University, School of Law.  

After graduating Law School, I moved to Honolulu, Hawaii and, while clerking for Appellate Judge Fujise, continued my yoga education at Open Space Yoga before moving back to Rhode Island in 2016.

Yoga makes me feel energized, focused, and confident.  I specifically designed this program to address the needs of working professionals to make your workplace healthier, happier, and more successful!

Yoga as a Means to


  • Yoga in the workplace supports team-building and morale, promotes a fit and active workplace, and counteracts the costly effects of the stress responsible for health and productivity losses and back, neck, and wrist pain responsible for high rates of health-related absenteeism and fatigue. 

  • Stress affects the physical and psychological health of the workforce and its job performance which results in enormous losses for organizations.

  • In 2003 the International Labor Organization estimated that the loss caused by stress induced disorders amounted to 6.6 billion U.S. dollars.

  • Forbes reported that workplace stress was responsible for 190 billion in U.S. healthcare costs.

  • Stress is a major factor for mental health conditions and musculoskeletal disorders, and it's an independent risk factor for cardio metabolic diseases such as diabetes heart disease or stroke.

  • In addition to these health effects stress is a major contributor to poor morale, absenteeism, high staff turnover, reduced productivity at work, impaired memory, and impaired ability to learn.

  • Yoga in the workplace is an effective stress management solution that supports employees' mental and physical welfare to increase productivity, morale, and overall job satisfaction and quality of life. 


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