What Do I Provide?

Breathing Meditation

For increased Focus and Energy

Attention to breathing helps you clear out mental clutter, and increases oxygen flow to the brain, making you feel more centered and alert.

Team Building

Strengthen Trust and Support

Breathing, moving, Laughing, and engaging with co-workers in a supportive setting within the workplace (rather than at a bar) will strengthen workplace satisfaction and build healthy, lasting connections among co-workers.

One-Time Events

Physical Practice

Healthy Bodies

We will focus on physical movements that are specifically targeted to counteract the effects of the white collar work-day.  We will work on mobility, flexibility, and strengthening of target joints and muscles as well as elongation of the spine. I will add balance, stamina, and focus to your work day.

Yoga Mats

Who brings what?

I will provide myself, as well as some props. We will need a conference room or other space large enough for all participants. Yoga mats are not required. 

Trainings and Workshops

My goal is to bring yoga for wellness at work to every office in Rhode Island one day. But I can't be everywhere at once. I can offer your employees a one-time workshop, so they can practice yoga by themselves on their own schedule or I can offer one employee a basic teacher training so they can run the classes for fellow employees.