The Jubilant Frog brings the practices of Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness to homes, businesses, schools, and events throughout Rhode Island.

The Mission of The Jubilant Frog is to make these three pillars of wellness accessible and approachable to Everyone. 


About Charlene

You Are Capable of More Than You Think


I began practicing Hatha yoga and meditation in 2008 in Providence, Rhode Island as a means for mental healing and Empowerment. Throughout my years of practice, I have been touched by many forms of yoga and meditation including Restorative, Kripalu, Bikram, Baptiste, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Anusara, Yin, Rocket, Yoga Nidra and Iyengar. 

After experiencing the transformative power of yoga,  I sought out a deeper understanding of the practice and completed my first teacher training with Tamsy Markham, and become a 200-hour certified yoga instructor in Baptise-style power yoga in July of 2014.


Since my original certification, I have continued my education in Rhode Island, Japan, and Hawaii. I hope to share what I have learned with my Rhode Island Community. My practice has brought me peace, direction, and a sense of self-worth and belonging. 




Mark Treat

"Charlene has helped change my life.   After suffering a heart attack 3 years ago I lost a lot of weight but recently started to gain it back.   This exasperated chronic back issues so I decided to try yoga for the first time in my life.  Charlene was understanding of my situation, arranged for private sessions due to my lack of experience and discomfort trying this in a group setting and designed a program specifically targeting my issues.  She started with a program I could handle and built up my capabilities over time.   Every time I showed up she had thought through where I was at, how I felt that day and had a plan for a set of exercises that were both challenging and achievable.   Charlene has a unique approach to yoga.    A truly wholistic approach that works!!   I feel better now than I have in years!!”


Brett V. Beaubien, Esq.

“I am a criminal defense attorney running a small but busy practice and I count on Charlene’s yoga expertise to help me center my mind and body to keep me sharp. You can trust Charlene to provide an exceptional yoga experience that will help you get mentally and physically fit. She is also a lawyer, and she understands the unique stressors lawyers deal with. You will be very happy learning and/or practicing yoga with Charlene Pratt!”


Liviu Groza

"Charlene is the instructor that helped the most in advancing my yoga practice in 25 years since my first asana.  Every class is a unique journey in discovering the limits of your body, relaxing and gently, almost unknowingly, expanding the range of what you thought was possible.  Her instructions are exquisitely rich, spanning effortlessly the continuum from the basics of the pose, to the more demanding variations.  Charlene is a master at tuning the class to the mood and capabilities of her students and her dramatic flair helps motivate the audience.  You'll hear a lot "it's just yoga" but it is yoga like you have haven't experienced before."



"Adding Charlene's classes to my weekly routine has changed my whole approach to my yoga practice.  By allowing my body to increase my flexibility, I have been able to increase my strength and concentration in other areas of my practice. Her gentle personality and hands-on assists have an amazing power to strengthen your practice."


Nate Lapides

"Charlene brings a mindful approach to each class and is very dedicated to making each students feel welcome and catered to. In addition, her knowledge is vast and students are confident in the instruction provided. Over the course of the past few years of my practice, I couldn't have imagined a better guide!"

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